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Last Updated: March 1st, 2024


Every strong organization requires staff who are committed to  providing strong clerical, fiscal, administrative, and organizational skills that positively impact the success of CHFS. Program and administrative assistants, receptionists, data entry specialists, and bookkeepers work closely with leadership and are the backbone to CHFS. 

Arts and Literacy after school and summer programs

Arts and Literacy Program provides a literacy-based arts curriculum to children and youth in grades K-8 as an after school and summer camp program.  Through this curriculum the children explore crucial developmental issues of the self, family, community, and relationships.  

Beacon center for arts and leadership at is291

Beacon is a community center that provides after school and summer camp programs for youth with opportunities to create, critically think, communicate, and problem solve through arts-based activities that empowers the young person and builds leadership skills.


Bonding Links offers clinical services that strengthen family connections for children and better enables children to grow up to become healthy adults. The Mental Health Clinic provides psychiatric evaluation, individual, family and group psychotherapy, support services and crisis intervention for infants, children and youth ages 0 to 18 and their families.

Bushwick Community PArtnership

Bushwick Community Partnership is a group of concerned residents, service providers, faith-based leaders, government officials, elected officials and other stakeholders who by working in partnership are creating a community response to the promotion of child safety and well-being.  CHFS serves as the backbone agency for the BCP.


Children's Community Residence is a single site residence with group living for eight children ages 8-12 who are experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties which preclude them from living in a family setting. It provides a supervised   , therapeutic environment, developing the children's skills and capacity to live in the community. It works closely with parents to foster nurturance, stability and permanency.

community schools

At JHS 291K and Pan American International High School fosters a collaborative relationship between the school and CHFS to address the multiple needs of children, youth and families in a holistic, culturally competent manner and leverages resources to support the school community.

cornerstone community centers at hope gardens and cooper park

Cornerstone Community Centers are based in two Brooklyn NYCHA developments.  They provide an array of free programs and activities for children, teens, and adults in the Public Housing Center and the surrounding communities in Brooklyn. 

Enhanced family foster care

Enhanced Family Foster Care offers bilingual (English/Spanish) services in community based foster care, adoption, home finding, skills building for teens, evidence based parenting education programs and such ancillary services as housing advocacy, education and training for youth, birth parents, and resource parents.

Family enrichment center

The Bushwick Family Enrichment Center is a  family-centered, primary prevention model that provides community-designed supports in a warm, inviting, home-like space where neighbors can connect, contribute to their community, find resources, support one another, and build strategies that help families thrive. Driven by the dreams and vision of the Bushwick community, the center collaborates with community partners and agencies to bring in resources based on the interests and priorities  of the community. 

Family support, treatment, and rehabilitation services

These programs engage families at risk of abuse and neglect and provide them with case management, counseling, parenting education and support, and referrals for mental health and substance abuse treatment.  The program collaborates closely with other community based programs and sets child safety and strengthening of the family as program priorities.

Health services

The Health Services unit provides medical care management, referrals, health education, and advocacy for children in foster care. Mental health assessment, screening, referrals and advocacy is also provided. The team works closely with foster care staff and foster parents and is involved in the day to day health and well-being of children in care.


With over 400 employees on staff at CHFS, the Human Resources Department is responsible for recruitment and talent management, onboarding of new employees, compensation and employee benefits, employee satisfaction, growth and development,  as well as compliance and workplace safety.  

Los Caminos/Fair Futures

Los Caminos/ Fair Futures provides specialized support and relationship-building with young people ages 11 to 26 who are  in foster care and beyond. Utilizing a trauma informed approach and driven by youth-led goals, Los Caminos staff partner with our foster care team to provide youth with the academic, coaching, and emotional support they need for future success.


The Operations Department at CHFS oversees the day to day functioning  of over fifteen sites that provide services to children and families. It is responsible for establishing and maintaining cost effective relationships with vendors that allow for the timely availability of resources to meet service needs, staff safety at sites, and compliance with tenant requirements as per our lease.  

School based early support program

This new program, a collaboration between NYCACS and NYC public schools, supports families facing life stressors affecting children's education. Through voluntary engagement, it offers counseling and peer support, aiming to prevent child welfare intervention. Focused on districts 30 and 32, the program builds partnerships among parents, schools, and communities to ensure children thrive, stay safe, and empower parents in their children's education.